Thursday, April 28, 2016

Just Say Yes!

These faces, these people all have something extraordinary in common.  
Do you know what?
They've saved lives.
Through their tragedies, they have graciously left this world and donated
eyes, organs, and tissues at the time of their unexpected deaths.
They are heroes, and their legacy will continue forever 
because of their generous offering.
Because of their choice, they have given others a second chance at life.
Did you know that April is National Donate Life Month?  
Did you know that over 100,000 people are waiting for transplants?
Organ donation gives hope and renewed life to others- strangers.
I am proud and honored to be an organ donor.  
Despite my health issues, I was worried
 I wouldn't be a candidate as a donor.
But I was told otherwise, and I have gladly signed up.
While Mr. Nielson and I were in the hospital with life-threatening
burns all over our bodies, we received skin from 
deceased donors that covered our burns until our skin was 
healthy enough to be grafted on. 
 I am so thankful and humbled that someone chose to do that.

Please talk to your children, loved ones, and family about becoming a donor.  
Utah, you can register HERE.

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