Wednesday, January 06, 2016


Mr. Nielson and I took Jane on a little winter hike on beloved
 Old Willow Lane near our home. 
It was brisk out but absolutely beautiful. 
 We walked arm and arm, talking about school, her violin lessons, friends,
 and her new Christmas presents.  
We discussed in length her favorite Christmas gift, the 
fairy village, in which we have big plans for come Spring. 
Jane is adorable, and I can't wait to see what she will 
become and accomplish as she grows older. 
I have a strong feeling that she will do something extraordinary. 
I cherish these simple one-on-one, calm moments with my children. 
It's great to catch up with them and have their undivided attention, 
while I also give them mine.
I plan to spend more private time with each Little Nie in 2016.
Mr. Nielson and I decided instead of calling them our 2016 goals
we will simply call them our commitments. 
I like the idea of committing to something,
It makes it more resolute and reachable.
One of my goals is to ski in Canada someday, specifically in Whistler.
 I believe that fulfilling commitments requires daily effort. 
This means that I engage in activities such as reading my scriptures, 
hiking up to the Y, attending church every Sunday, 
even when I am out of town, 
and spending quality time with each of my children.

* * * *

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