Tuesday, December 15, 2015

If These Old Walls Could Speak

Before our wedding in December 2000, Mr. Nielson had 
purchased a house a few months earlier. 
We spent many late nights fixing holes, refurbishing hardwood floors, 
carpeting, washing windows, and painting walls in bold blue, red, and yellow hues.
To help pay the mortgage, we rented out the other half to college students. 
I adored this home and cherished that it was my own personal space. 
I loved the thought of Christian coming home from school and work,
 knowing I would be waiting for him inside. 
We celebrated this house's 100th anniversary while living in it.
When Claire was born, we eagerly awaited the day we could bring her home 
from the hospital and start our lives together. 
As soon as we found out we I was expecting, Christian spent countless hours 
in the nursery, making sure everything was perfect for Claire.
He put up shelves, painted the walls, and helped me arrange all the 
nursery furniture.
Once, Boss Nielson came up from Arizona to help Christian
 with the nursery revival, his help was sooooo appreciated,
especially since Christian was so busy with school and work.
I remember sitting in front of the big front window, rocking and nursing Claire.
We'd wait for Christian to hop off the bus from school across the street. 
When the weather was nice, Claire and I would wait on the front steps
 for him to walk home from work.
During the fall season, the tall walnut trees in our front yard 
would transform into a bright shade of yellow. 
I used to collect the fallen leaves while Claire and Jimmy
 played in them for hours. 
That house is where I learned the art of cooking and during winters, 
I used to put Claire's onesies, my socks, and blankets on 
the antique radiant heaters before bed to warm them up.

This house is full of old-school charm with its quirky rooms, 
fantastic fireplaces and beautiful windows. 
I've been feeling extra nostalgic lately because Christian
 and I am celebrating 15 years of marriage on the 16th, 
and this house is where everything began!
I don't want to get too personal, but that house holds a special place in my heart.
 It is where I spent my first night as a married woman, 
witnessed my daughter Claire take her first steps, 
and even brought Jane home from the hospital. 
I've passed by this house countless times. 
Today, I asked the girls to stand in front of it to remind them
of this remarkable place.
This home will always be my home.
It has since been bought and fixed up nicely.
Mr. Nielson and I lacked the money to do much for it,
but the AC unit that my dad bought us as a housewarming gift 
and that Christian installed is still upstairs in the dormer window.
(Now I feel like crying a little.)
If these old walls could speak
What a tale they'd have to tell, hard headed people raisin' hell
A couple in love livin' week to week
Rooms full of laughter, if these old walls could speak
If these old hallowed halls, if hallowed halls could talk
These would have a tale to tell, the sun goin' down and dinner bells
And children playin' at hide and seek
From floor to rafters, if these old walls could speak

* * * * *

Luke 2:9

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the
 Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

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