Monday, October 26, 2015


 The weather here in Provo is beautiful!  Ideal autumn weather.
Last week, I took Lottie to the park.  
She rode her scooter around the park, and I walked behind her.
 I often wonder where I'd be if the accident had not happened.  
I'd probably be at a park in Arizona doing the same thing, but maybe with 
a few more children.  I don't know.  
I don't look back in sadness all the time...but I do wonder.
This week, I am preparing for Halloween, festive parties, Claire's birthday,
and speaking at the World Congress of Families on Friday.  
It will be a busy week, but busy for me is usually good.
And tonight, we will take the Little Nies to pick out their
pumpkins!  It's a night that we all (maybe me the most) look forward to!
This time of year makes me so happy to be alive.

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