Tuesday, October 27, 2015


 When I asked the Little Nies what they wanted to be for 
Halloween this year, they threw out several ideas.
 I am learning that Halloween with teenagers 
is very different than when they were younger and in elementary school.
It's a different kind of fun.
Today, after school, we're spending the rest of the day gluing and creating. 
Lottie was pretty simple because every time we asked her what she wants
to be for Halloween, she tells us a different answer, so I just ended up
deciding for her and hope and pray she will be happy on Halloween day 
when we get our costumes on.

My boys, on the other hand were much different.  
They couldn't decide on what they wanted to be.
They kept asking if they could repeat previous Halloween costumes and
I am sorry, but that doesn't fly here at Fox Hill.
We can do better than that!
I helped them come up with a few ideas which they were excited about,
until three days ago when the Bingham boys revealed their plans.
The boys decided they wanted to be the same thing as their best friends, so 
I scrambled at the last minute to order a few must-haves for the costumes and am
 praying everything comes in time for our favorite holiday of the year.
Initially, the boys wanted to be characters from Roald Dahl's 
And since I already ordered the boy's masks and they were already delivered,
 Mr. Nielson and I decided to try them out. Duh.
It certainly was fantastic.
 (Video posted on Instagram)

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