Friday, October 16, 2015

Flying With Faith, Not Fear.

Yesterday, I did something I really never thought I'd do.
I flew again for the first time since my accident in a small airplane!  
It took me 7 years to get the courage to face that fear.
A good friend offered his airplane and his pilot to fly us to Rexburg, Idaho,
 to speak at the student forum at Brigham Young University Idaho.
I didn't sleep a wink the night before.  
I was worried and anxious- not to speak, but to fly!
  But I did it.
And it was no problem, really.
Our pilot, Scott, was amazing.  He gave me a warm hug as I entered the hanger 
where the airplane sat waiting for me.
He knew I was worried about the flight and made me feel at ease and safe.
He offered a prayer before we took off, which was most welcomed- 
especially from the pilot!
I sat back as the plane took off, took a few deep breaths, and focused on 
the gorgeous mountains that we flew past and that I love so dearly.
The fall colors were amazing, and we flew near the trail I hike every morning, 
and honestly, I felt calm and peaceful. 
We even spotted Fox Hill below!
Sure, I was uncomfortable at times during the fight, 
and sure, I thought about my horrible accident.
I remembered the fear and everything that went with it.
But I am learning and teaching my children that we have faith, not fear.
 I want to confidently overcome my fears.  I want 
to conquer my most challenging moments with faith and courage.
But it's tough, and I'm learning that it takes time.
"Remove any of your fear with faith, 
and trust in the power of God to guide you."

Happy Weekend!  
Spiritual Enlightenment: That the Lost May Be Found

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