Monday, September 28, 2015

Women's Session With My Little Women

"Righteousness emanates out to the world when we understand 
what God wants us to do and then we do it. … "
Said Sister Carole F. McConkie in last Saturday's Women's Session.
Claire, Jane, and I sat together at the conference center among 
thousands of women, listening to inspiring words from our Church leaders.
I held my girl's hands as we walked into the conference center, 
and held them throughout the conference.  
I held their little hands as we walked out of the 
conference center, discussing the session and our favorite parts.
I will never forget this night.
I will never forget these moments with MY girls.  
God is real.  He loves us and cares deeply for us and our happiness.
We also talked about how excited we would be in 
five years when Lottie can join us! 

*AND, the closing song was "Go Forth With Faith," which happens to 
I cried through the whole song (all 3 verses). 
I couldn't even sing. 

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