Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Where My Heart Needs To Be

 I re-read an article that was written about my family in October of 2012
by Jamie Lawson for LDSLiving.
“I still struggle with my scars,” she says. 
“I think I will for a while—forever, maybe. 
But I remember how grateful I am that I still have a face or a nose or things 
that I almost didn’t have. Then I look at my family and friends and think, 
‘This is all worth it.’ I am a wife and a mother. 
The accident couldn’t take that away from me.”
She continues, “God gave us physical beauty, but what matters
 most is that we are beautiful people on the inside. 
If we are, then our outside beauty will shine.
 I like to think that’s how my transformation is 
taking place—by making sure my heart is where it needs to be.
Nielson says there are still bad days, but the love of her family
 makes her feel less self-conscious. 
“I’m  not as worried about my appearance because 
I’ve got this beautiful family around me, and that’s what matters most. 
They don’t see me as someone who looks
 different or can’t do the things I used to. 
My husband sees me as the wife that he married, 
and my children just see me as Mom. 
I feel beautiful because I have a beautiful life.”

Full article HERE
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