Friday, September 18, 2015

My Rock

I extend a hearty welcome home to Mr. Nielson, who, for the past week 
has been at the ranch in New Mexico.  
I feel his absence deeply and have trouble sleeping.
 Falling asleep is especially difficult, and when I finally do,
 I toss and turn. His absence makes me realize how much I depend on him-
 not only in managing our home and caring for our children 
but also emotionally; I feel empowered to take on anything that comes my way.
He is my listening ear, steady ground, reality check, and best friend.
Plus, I HATE when he is gone and it's stormy outside; it's such cozy
weather, and he really should be with us here at home anyway.
Happy weekend, all!!
Spiritual Enlightenment: Defenders of the Family

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