Wednesday, January 07, 2015

*Happy Birthday Oliver Christian!! 10 10 10 10 10

 This little man turned   T E N  on January 2nd.
I will never forget when Ollie was born on my bed while we lived in New Jersey.
After he was delivered, New Jersey had one of the worse 
(best) snowstorms in history. 

Work was canceled for Mr. Nielson for almost a week. It was perfect.
Oliver always wakes up first in our home. He comes downstairs, 
makes his own breakfast, and then goes into Lottie's room 
and gets her out of her crib.  
He then quietly brings her into the kitchen, where he feeds and plays with her,
 and helps himself to another bowl of frosted flakes.
I love him.
The one thing Oliver wanted most for his special day was an IV pole so 
he can play hospital with his sisters in our basement.  
We have quite the setup here. 
Between all my old burn gear, Deb and Dr. J
giving us some expired hospital supplies; 
seriously, my kids have the best pretend hospital set up around. 
(It's actually technically called "Fox Hill Hospital").
Oliver wanted something other than a cake this year. 
He wanted ice cream- with one of his best friends, William.
Ice cream tonight? was only about 4 degrees outside.

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