Friday, December 26, 2014

Chrtistmas Eve 2014

Christmas Eve at the Nielson home consisted of four things
1. Skiing at Sundance
2. Dinner 
3. Movie
4. New Christmas PJ's/ BED
Dinner at Cafe Rio is always welcomed after a full day of skiing.
 Then on to the movie.
Lottie watched maybe 30 minutes and
 then wiggled around the theater.
Mr. Nielson was a sweetheart to hang out with her in the car while 
I finished off the popcorn and the movie with the Little Nies.
 Then we came home and opened Christmas jammies.
(Lottie was long gone in her bed dreaming of sugar plums 
when all these photos went down).
Before we set our cookies for Santa we prayed to God and thanked
 Him for everything our family has been given.
We didn't ask for anything, we just thanked Him for 
Jesus Christ, our safety, our health, for each other, and for this time of year.
  Perhaps the best part of the whole night was when
 it began to snow around 3:00 am.  
(yes we were still up, helping Santa, of course.)
It was a Christmas miracle, seriously.  
We haven't had any snow all year until tonight when we got dumped on.  
About 6 inches fell while we slept.

 Santa came!   And Mr. Nielson still in his skiing thermals.
 I got a photo of the children crammed together asleep.
Sometimes I think that Christmas Eve is more fun than Christmas day.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.
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