Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Holding my head high

(The Little Nies in October of 2008)

Just as I am certain that God has a plan for me, I know
 He has a plan for these children, and they were meant to be mine.  
I wish my children had not had to go through this, but I hope this
experience has taught them how strong they are and
 that God is always there for us, especially in our darkest moments.  
They will grow up with a special understanding of people who 
look different, and I hope that blesses them with compassion and kindness.
My brother Stevie tells me they are learning grace and confidence
from me as I hold my head high in the grocery store while people stare.  
I hope so.
I will never know all that my children went 
through or all the ways they have been changed, 
but what I do know is, today, their future is just as 
bright as it was before the accident.
(taken from my memoir, Heaven is Here pg. 306)

 (The Little Nies in August of 2014)

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