Monday, September 15, 2014


 (Mr. Nielson in 2000 and in 2014, I took both photos)

I bet you didn't know Mr. Nielson is a sk8ter.
When we began dating in September of 2000,
 he would take me to a special place in Provo 
where skaters would frequent because of the sweet railing and handicap ramps.
I am pretty sure he wanted to impress me.  Which I actually thought was 
pretty cute, and I was happy to watch him, but it was even better
if he'd take me to 7-11 before to get a Dr. Pepper Slurpee.
After we were married, life became busy and we both had so much
 responsibilities that we never went back to that place in 
Provo and he really never touched his board again.
With every move, he would pack it up and bring it through.
I think he secretly hoped he could get back into that one day.
Well, I am happy to announce that six houses later, and just this past week, 
he pulled his board out of the garage and he showed Ollie a few tricks.
Now, Ollie is a little obsessed, too.
Before we know it, Ollie will be showing Mr. Nielson a thing or two.

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