Thursday, December 06, 2012


 Tonight while the dinner was in the oven, I walked around the
house with my camera and took pictures of what everyone was doing.
This is what they were doing at 6:00 this evening:

* Jane reads aloud in the bathroom.  
Something about the acoustics and the warm heat brings her there.
* Claire was holding Charlotte, who was pulling Claire's hair.
* Nicholas and Oliver were playing a math game on the computer.  
Well, Ollie was playing, and Nicholas was usual.
 *Mr. Nielson was reading through last year's blog book.  
Every year I dedicate two days where I stay in my pajamas all day 
and spend hours on the computer compiling my blog into a book.  
He is whistling.  I love him.
At around 6:15, I put the camera away
and served dinner to the ones I love.
And now I am tired.

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