Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Funmail #1.

I have a friend who lives in North Carolina.  Her name is Jordan.
She and I went to high school together, but she was a few years older than me,
but I idolized her and think her family are one of the most creative people I know.
She and her husband, Craig, lived in AZ 
for a residency while our family lived in Mesa in 2008.  
Before our accident, we got our families together 
for dinners and birthday parties since many of our children are the 
same age, and we have so much fun together.
Craig was a huge support to our family as a go-between while
Christian and I were in the hospital after the accident 
since he spent his residency in the same hospital and knew many of the same
doctors, nurses, and staff.
He was able to translate much of the medical lingo for family.
They moved on, and so did we.
Our children haven't seen each other since.
{Next year, a visit to NC??}

Jordan and Dr. Craig have four beautiful children.
Some of you may remember their daughter,
ANYWAY, we decided to send fun mail to each other.
Anything obscure or peculiar that the mailman will deliver is our goal.
{Out instagram convo}
Last month we sent a telescope and a sheriff's badge.
They sent back a rock with about 13 stamps on it.

  Today, I took the children to Blickenstaffs to pick up some treasures
 for our next perfect "fun mail."
It must be something that won't break, bend, or get lost.
We will see how long we can go- are you still game, Jordan?
{Hazel sending the rock}
{Seth with the sheriff's badge we sent}

To be continued.....
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