Friday, May 18, 2012

Asleep in the Stroller

Yay! It's finally the weekend!
This is also going to be the last weekend until school is out.
I can't believe school is coming to an end.
Next year Claire will be in 5th grade,

Jane in 4th,
Oliver in 2nd,

and Nicholas will be in Kindergarten.

Pretty crazy for me to even think about.
Good thing baby Lottie will keep me busy at home.
I can't imagine a day alone at home without another little body wandering
(or laying) around.

Tonight, Mr. Nielson is packing the Scout mobile and heading camping with
 the boy scouts. I will carry on without him around. 
I still hate sleeping alone. Not a fan.

These next few weeks are super busy around here.
Mr. Nielson and I are flying to Phoenix for a few days; school gets out,
we are blessing Charlotte in church and then headed to Texas around the
beginning of June.
(more info about that later).

Did I mention I have stomach aches, like all the time!

As I type this, Charlotte is asleep in the stroller.
I took her for a walk, and she fell asleep. I couldn't bare take her out; she
looked too happy and peaceful outside in the beautiful evening air, so
I left her sound asleep and came to the house to make dinner.
(or blog...)
The Russian Olive trees outside smell too good to be true,
and the weather is more than ideal.
Dr. J. and his assistant Marissa did a house call this afternoon.
Dr. J is so great. He is so kind and caring...definitely a keeper there.

All I can think about is how blessed I am, how happy I feel,
and how grateful I am to be alive, have a family, and know and feel God's love.

So tonight is movie night; what shall we watch?

Good luck, and have a wonderful weekend!!
Spiritual Enlightenment here.
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