Thursday, May 10, 2007

Welcome to the Lazona Estate Mom and Dad!

 Today Claire sat down at my desk to write welcome notes for
 her much-awaited guests: my mom and dad (Umi and Grandpa).
Earlier, I took the kids to the store, and the girls helped me pick out some
 flowers to put in their room (aka my office with a bed).
I picked fresh orange leaves from our tree to add to the sweet bouquets.
The best part of Umi and Grandpa's visit so far has been when
Umi accidentally walked in on Mr. Nielson in his birthday suit.

There I was, lying in bed nursing Nicholas, when I heard a loud gasp
by Umi, followed by a noisy (nervous) laugh by Mr. Nielson.
Then I heard my dad lecture my mom over oatmeal and toast at breakfast.
Dad: "Just stay in your room, don't wander around in their private rooms, Cindy!"
Mom: "I was just looking for Oliver; I've never been inside this house before, STEVE!"
Dad: Well, just don't go to the bathroom in the morning".

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