Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Had the Vision!

I found this bookshelf on the
side of the road when we lived in New Jersey.
Mr. Nielson was just delighted when I casually mentioned at 9:00 PM
 after the children were in bed, that I had found a
 bookshelf that I really, REALLY wanted and that
 it was sitting on the side of the road only a few blocks away!
Mr. Nielson put on his jacket and uggs and like a wonderful
husband left in the dark New Jersey night to pick up 
 the dumpy old bookshelf for me.
When he opened the door twenty minutes later carrying it 
 in the house, he looked at me and wondered why I wanted this
sad, old, and crusty piece of furniture.

I told him  I had the vision.
 With a nice coat of white paint and some really
 awesome heavy-duty wrapping paper glued to the back,
it turned it pretty amazing.
Just call me Martha!

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