Thursday, December 15, 2005

Once a bride, always a bride.

This photo of me and Christian was taken on September 30th, 2000 
in Mesa Arizona by Christian, himself who had just moments 
earlier asked me to marry him.
Five years ago today I was busy making last-minute preparations
 for my wedding which was the following day.
 I’ll never forget waking up early and running over to my neighbor
Vanessa’s house in my pajamas in the snow (barefoot, too)
while she sewed last-minute details on the
 Vera Wang replica (added sleeves).
I remember having lunch with Lucy one last time as her single sister.
 We went to Rubios which was next to Provo High School where she was a Junior,
and where we attended together for a few years.
Rubios was where we would go to lunch together often on our super short lunch breaks.
Sometimes--most times it was just the two of us.
I told Kurt, our florist and friend that I wanted my wedding flowers to be
 vibrant, deep, rich jewel colors.
He nailed that!  They were so beautiful!
He delivered the flowers to the house that evening
 just as all of Christian's family arrived in town from Arizona.
Three Suburbans pulled up to my house with Christian’s
parents, siblings, and their children.
As our families met and chatted, Christian and I
 held hands on the couch listening to Christmas music eating
 cider and donuts from Allred's orchard.

I’ll never forget driving in the car with Christian and our new pup, Jimmy
to the dog-sitters.  Jimmy needed a place to go during the wedding and 
our week-long honeymoon in the Bahamas.
It was cold and blustery Friday and we were so SO excited!

I remember a week before the wedding spending all day sewing
 little purses for my nieces to have at the wedding.
I used the left-over fabric from the pillows I was making for
the couch that we had bought at Deseret Industries.

In early October, mom helped me pick out our wedding
I wanted them to be engraved because mom's announcements were engraved
 and because her mother, Aurora's were engraved. 
In fact, Page and Courtney both had engraved wedding announcements, too. 
It's just a tradition. (A very expensive one).
The announcements I picked out had a beautiful silver rounded edge
 and gorgeous ornate cursive type.
After trying on my dress one last time that morning,
mom and I went to the post office and dropped
 nearly a hundred announcements off to be mailed out.
(Our wedding invitations went out in November, obviously).

The evening before my wedding, I went with Christian to 
his parent's hotel room where his dad gave him a very beautiful
Priesthood blessing with promises of protection as he chooses to be a worthy
husband, father, protector, and provider.
It was emotional and spiritual.

To end the night before we got married, (and to this day, I am not sure why
we waited until the night before, but....)
together we packed up my room, loaded everything in my brothers truck,
and unloaded it in our new future home.
We left the house a mess.
It was the most exciting mess I had ever seen.
I didn't get to bed until around 1:30.
I was too excited to sleep anyway.

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