Thursday, September 15, 2005

NieNie: on being Proud

I could come up with at least a thousand reasons 
why I am proud right this second:
And today I decided to write a few of them down:
(They are not in any particular order either).
I looked up other words that are synonymous with the word"proud",
 and they are words like arrogant, conceited, puffed-up, pompous, 
self-righteous and big-headed.
I hope I don’t come off that way while writing this post,
but if I do, sorry...but not really.

*I am proud to say I married the most amazing 
handsome man on the planet.
* I am proud to be an American!
*I am proud that Christian can cut my hair at no charge!
And since I don’t have any money anyway, it works out really great.
Plus, I can always find other ways to pay him.

*I am proud to say that after high school I fell in love and got married.
*I am proud that I was born in such a large family and named after my father.
*I am proud that I come from Utah.
*I am proud that I am a member of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
* I am proud of my rich pioneer heritage.
*I am proud to say that once I was a ski instructor at Sundance Resort in Utah.
*I am proud to say that I am DRUG-FREE and have been all my life.
*I am proud to say I don’t own an R-rated movie- (or watch them)

*I am proud that I had three children before turning the ripe old age of 23. 
*I am proud and confident to say that Christian adores
 me for every reason possible.
*I am proud of my choice to put off school to start a family.
*I am proud that my father is serving as a 
Representative in the legislature in Utah.
*I am proud that my little family thrives on a vegetarian diet.
*I am proud of the colorful walls in my house.
*I am proud that all five of my brothers and two sisters have served
 missions for The Church (Lucy is currently serving in England).
*I am proud of my in-laws for having eleven children
 who are all excellent people.
*I am proud to say my favorite holiday is Halloween.
*I am proud of the whole wheat pizza I make every Saturday night for my family.

To conclude, I can directly say: I am pretty proud of this list.

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