Saturday, May 22, 2004

Matt Clark

 { Matt with daughter Lindsay and wife Katy behind
photo by Justin Hackwoth}

This is my brother Matt,
Matt is my second oldest sibling.
He was also my Bishop.
Matt called me a few days ago to see if I was "still alive".  
Once I went over to his house because I needed to urgently talk to him.
It was close to 1:00 am.  I sat on his bed and we talked.
He was the most fun to write about in my book.
He wears red crocs and loves to tease me.
(He always has and always will).
And he teases my children and gives them nicknames.
Claire- Clarise
Jane- Janer
Charlotte- Lottie (in high voice)
He gave me the nickname Baboon and still calls me that.
He is always there when I need him and he loves me.
He loves my children.  He loves to hunt, and take his dog Chief for walks 
around the neighborhood.

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