Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Utah for 48 hours

Last week, Mr. Nielson and I flew to Utah for a quick business trip.
We stayed in the beautiful mountains at my favorite resort, Sundance.
It was so fun to be back in my home state.
There's just something about the mountains that I can't get enough of.
We didn't have much time, but I wanted to surprise my mom, 
so I didn't tell her I was coming into town.  
Then I had Lucy and her husband Andrew
(and baby Sally), meet us at Cafe Rio (a Utah favorite) for lunch.
As mom was in line Lucy told her to turn around
because someone was behind her.
When she turned around she looked at me for maybe a few seconds 
before registering that it was truly me, (her long lost daughter, "Cubby"!).
It was so fun to catch up and introduce her to my nub,
talk about the Little Nies, hear the news, share the news,
 hug, and of course visit.
We also hit our our favorite places before leaving town such as:

We will be back again soon-
and for longer too.
It was nice to be with Mr. Nielson - just us.
We slept in a as much as we could and took in the mountain air.
Our plane from Atlanta to Raleigh was delayed.
6:30 pm to 10:30 pm to 3:00 am.
With no concrete time of when our plane was going to leave,
 we decided to at least get a few hours of sleep in
a bed at a hotel near the airport.
  I don't think I could adequately describe the level of exhaustion
and grouchy-ness Mr. Nielson and I were feeling.
Have you ever chickened out right before a subway or train 
door closed?  Well I did, and before I knew it, Mr. Nielson was headed to
another area of the Atlanta airport without me.
 Or the fear we had driving from the airport 
to our hotel room at 3:00 am with a (I'm pretty sure) drunk driver.
Or how we carried a box of Chip cookies and 
 and a few delicious Sundance bars in a sack for the Little Nies
all throughout our car rides, airplane flights, various airport gates
only to drop the box of cookies in the parking lot at our destination,
and I forgot the sack of treats on the airplane.
I think I cried.
I got home, kissed the kids, showered, crawled in bed and slept until dinner.
Mr. Nielson got home, kissed the kids, showered, slept for an hour,
then took the boys on a campout with the Scouts.

But no matter where I live, it's good to be home.