Wednesday, April 04, 2018

NieNies Roadies Day 12

Last night we rolled into Colorado really late.
We found the closest LDS chapel, parked the RV in the parking lot,
and began preparations for bed.
It was really windy in Colorado yesterday!
It howled all night long and rocked the RV back and forth.
But before we turned out the lights, 
I noticed out the window the parking lot we were in sat right
next to a cemetery.  So I did what any normal mother would do:
 I challenged everyone to walk the super dark roads in the cemetery.
And I managed to get all The Little Nies out of the RV and together
all bundled up holding each other tight, we walked up and down the dirt roads.
It was spooky and probably one of the most memorable moments of the trip.
Of course the boys ran ahead of us girls so they could hide and then
jump out and scare us.
And even though I knew they were there, 
I was scared EVERY TIME.

In the morning we left the parking lot early and began our last leg home. 
We drove six hours straight.
During a really lull point, I agreed to let Lottie do my make-up and hair.
Having a 5 year old do make-up is bad enough, but having
a 5 year old in a moving vehicle doing make-up made it interesting.
In Provo, we landed in the Costco parking lot where
Mr. Nielson bought a dust buster so we could clean out the RV.
Mom and dad were at home waiting for us as we pulled to their house. 
We all jumped out happy to be on solid ground full of
 hugs and kisses and tales to tell.
What an amazing trip we had!!!  
It's been so fun writing down our memories and
 opportunities along on this journey.  
 Every second of it was an adventure.
We will never ever forget this epic cross country trip!
Tomorrow we rerun the RV (sadly), and finish up last minute 
errands while here in Provo.  We have a follow up dentist appointment
on Saturday, then we will begin our journey back to the ranch.

* * * * * * * *
Teachings from RMN:
"We came to be tried, to be tested, and to choose.
 Our decisions determine our destiny."