Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Its been soooooo long

Yesterday morning we loaded up the cars headed for Utah.
Around noon we stopped in Moab where we had lunch at a dirty taco shop.
Then we kissed the boys goodbye and continued onward to Provo.
They stayed behind to ride their dirt bikes and camp out in the desert, and
from the few texts/phone calls/and photos, looks like they are
really having a manly time together.
We  pulled into Cherry Circle as the sun was setting, and mom and dad warmly
 greeted us gals with hugs and kisses.
Mom and I sat on the couch and talked for hours
 catching up on personal current events.
It felt so nice to open up and share what was on my mind.
Tonight in the dark as I blew up the mattress in my parent's living room,
 I thought about my boys sleeping somewhere in the middle
 of the nowhere in the desert (I hope they are warm!).
Then I thought about how beautiful spring is here in Provo, 
and how my little family is making some huge changes and it's scary.
But mostly tonight I can't stop thinking about 
how excited I am to stop at Swig tomorrow for a drink and a cookie.
Its been sooooo long.

* * * * * * * ** 
Teachings from RMN:
Thanks Be to God, April 2012
"We are reminded that a perfect body is not
 required to achieve one’s divine destiny. 
In fact, some of the sweetest spirits are housed in frail or imperfect bodies.
 Great spiritual strength is often developed by people with
 physical challenges, precisely because they are so challenged."