Friday, March 23, 2018

NieNies Roadies Day 2

I woke up this morning in Breckenridge, Colorado with snow out my window.
I left the RV with Angus while the Little Nies and Mr. Nielson
ate yogurt and granola for breakfast.
Angus and I ran around the cozy neighborhood taking in the gorgeous
 Colorado Rockies.  I'm sure summer is an ideal time to travel in an RV,
but the winter has been so beautiful too!
And as you know, I am a winter girl, and prefer the cooler weather to the warm.
 I took a shower in the RV- not bad, not bad at all.
  A little snug, but super convenient.  I get why people LOVE RV-ing!
We hit the road with another full day of driving.
We stopped in Limon, Colorado to let Angus (and the Little Nies)
 get their "wiggles out".
I basically told them all to just run as far and as fast as they could
without stepping in other dogs poops.
While they did that, I made peanut butter/jam sandwiches
 on classic white bread and
felt like Betty Draper passing them out to my family 
while they sat around the picnic table (sans pearls).
How strange to see plains as far as the eye can see and no
mountains in sight, it's rather calming and peaceful.
My favorite part of this dive has been the old rickety
homes and barns standing in the middle of nowhere  
How I wish I knew the story behind each one. 
A few times I coaxed Mr. Nielson to pull over so I could mozy around.
I can tell the earth is waking up from a long winters nap.
We pulled over to check out a feed-lot with about 70 billion (probably) cows.
We also saw a cool dust cropper at work,
and a huge semi with a giant tractor on it's load attempt an underpass-
turns out it was unfortunately too tall.
Also we made a quick stop at Sonic for ice cream.
Tonight I am falling asleep at a KOA park in Kansas City, Missouri.
When we get up and before we hit the road, we need to stop at a 
bookstore to get a few books for the Little Nies BYUIS classes.  
It's been so wonderful being able to study on the road!!
We decided to haul Mr. Nielson's motorcycle with us so 
he can zip into town if we need a small item (like say, a book)
and he'd be back all before 
it would have taken us to find a parking spot for our RV.
This weekend we will visit Kentucky to see the sites and
 places where Mr. Nielson served his mission 20 years ago. 
We are all so excited especially about this leg of the trip.
Each day Mr. Nielson calls the caretaker/cowboy at the ranch to check on
his cattle.  All is well, and no new calves reported- yet.

* * * * **
Teachings from RMN:
"We turn to Him who knows us best—our Creator. 
He allowed us to come to earth with freedom to choose our own course. 
In His great love, He did not leave us alone. 
He provided a guide—a spiritual road map—to help us achieve success in our journey."

Happy Weekend!