Friday, March 23, 2018

NieNies Roadies Day 1

The Nielson family set off on an adventure!
We packed up an RV with gear, food, and Angus, and off we went
We are doing " RV school " instead of "home school" for the next 2 weeks.
I packed up our school books, notebooks, laptops, and markers, and together we will learn as we travel along the roads of our beautiful country.
Our destination is North Carolina to see some good friends and
 explore that beautiful area.
In our journey, we will be passing through the 
beautiful states of Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, 
Tennessee, Indiana, North Carolina, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma.
Late yesterday afternoon, we pulled out of my parent's driveway
 as they stood on their front porch, waving us off.
We hit the road eager and excited, a little crammed but thrilled!
Of course, we HAD to take our Giant dog with us.  
He is basically another child, 
and we have found that he really likes to sit on my lap
as we drive.  You heard me right.
He is nearly 90 pounds, and I actually let him sit on my lap some of the way.
Am I crazy?  Yes, yes, I am.
We plan to visit every Mormon temple along the way, 
eat some good food, and visit historic sites, all while staying 
best friends...or at least friends.  Can we do it?  Only time will tell.
The first few hours, some children realized that we were
living in a moving pantry and ate every snack
we packed.  Then I spent about 20 minutes with them
 picking up wrappers and re-organizing the cupboards.
Around 8:00, we pulled into Steamboat Springs, Colorado, 
where we grabbed pizza, let Angus out, and stretched our legs.
We got the beds made up inside the RV, and the children settled in for the night.
We turned off the lights (the girls stayed up reading with headlamps), and 
Mr. Nielson and I pressed on in the dark
  for a few more hours, laughing about the day 
and how glad we got to have this adventure with our children!
Congrats to Lottie for breaking in the toilet with the first #2!
 She indeed had NO FEAR.  
The rest of us, well, it may take some time. 
If you're on the road, look for us in the Cruise America RV!

* * * * * * * * *
Teachings from RMN:
The Creation, April, 2000
"The Creation, great as it is, is not an end in itself but a means to an end. 
We come to the earth for a brief period of time,
 endure our tests and trials, and prepare to move onward 
and upward to a glorious homecoming.
 Our thoughts and deeds while here will surely be more purposeful 
if we understand God's plan and are thankful
 for and obedient to His commandments."

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