Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Small acts of Faith

Today was one of those days.  
You know what I am talking about, don't you?
Tonight after the Little Nies were in bed, 
I found myself sitting at the kitchen table
 (where I had already spent 93% of my day)
 reading through and editing Jane's 15-page essay.
I was exhausted. Then I got a text.
It was from Jane:
It's amazing how much that text lifted my spirits and helped
me feel like I was doing a pretty good job.
Motherhood is hard sometimes.  It's taxing on mind, body and soul.
Appreciation goes a long way, 
and it usually just takes a kind word (or text in my case)
from someone (especially our children) to help us refocus on what matters most, 
and why we as women and mothers do the things we do.
Immediately this wonderful quote by the fabulous 
Neill F. Marriott about an experience she had as
a Mother came to my mind:

"My days were full of forgettable things like folding laundry, 
reading children’s books, and putting casseroles together for dinner.
 Sometimes in the harbor of our homes, we can’t see that by the simple,
 consistent acts—including family prayer, scripture study, 
and family home evening—great things are brought to pass. 
But I testify that these very acts carry eternal significance. 
Great joy comes when those little boats—our children—grow
 into mighty seafaring vessels filled with gospel light and ready to
 “embark in the service of God.”9 Our small acts of faith 
and service are how most of us can continue in
 God and eventually bring eternal light and glory to our family, 
our friends, and our associates.
 You truly carry a circle of influence with you!"

Amen, Amen,  AMEN!
So I say this to you just as much as I say to myself:
Keep plugging away! 
especially to the ones we love the most!!

And also, today is hump day and that is really something
 to be excited about.