Monday, November 13, 2017

On the double

After our Saturday work, (preg-checking cows, cleaning the ranch house, 
cleaning out the chicken coop and the barn), we packed the back of 
the truck with our big coolers and drove to the Q.
We made the usual stops at Costco, Target, Trader Joes, 
and various places in the mall.  
We stocked up on the essentials and loads of delicious groceries. 
 The best part of any trip to the Q is when we end the day with dinner before
heading back to the middle of nowhere.
We have found some really delicious foodie joints, and made 
some fantastic memories our family will never forget.
Another memorable moment this trip was ending my very
long and complicated relationship with all things Apple.
I now have a new phone and a new computer- non-apple.  It was time.  
Apple and I were really struggling and I finally just gave up.
I am still converting and as a result have missed a million calls and texts,
and was unable to take any photos this weekend.
 I think in the end it will be good for all involved.
This week we are on the double as we finish up school assignments,
and projects to be ready for our Thanksgiving break.
We are pushing hard so we can take a full week off to 
travel to Arizona for Thanksgiving.  
Last night Lottie and I lay in bed reading Thanksgiving
picture books while the wind blew out the window. 
Reading to my children is one of my favorite motherhood duties.