Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What could be better?

This morning I woke up at 5:30 to take Clane to seminary.
Usually, Mr. Nielson takes the girls in since he has to be up to feed his cattle,
 but he had church duties that called him away early, and I took on the responsibility.
 Together with the girls and in the dark, we drove into town.
I am so proud of my girls (and Mr. Nielson!) for their faithful consistency
 in getting up and going each weekday.  It's really admirable!
We usually return to the ranch 
around 8:30, and the day begins in full force.
Breakfast goes in waves, clean up is constant, scriptures are read, showers,
 daily chores, and then school starts.  School is broken up into chunks 
with a few break times, lunch, a mid-day walk, and then we finish up around 2:00.
After school today, the Little Nies and I went outside to help Mr. Nielson 
sort the cattle and herd them (except the bulls)
 from the feedlot back out to the range.
The late afternoon was chilly, and to be honest, I was feeling exhausted.
The day was catching up to me.  Living on the ranch is hard work.  
It's lots of mud and manure-stained laundry, sweeping, cooking, and feeding.
But it's so gratifying, and I always fall into bed at night
with Mr. Nielson feeling content.
Mostly because my body can function the way I want it to, and 
I am so grateful!  And my children are learning
 and living with happy hearts and attitudes.  
Also, not to mention I live among beauty and nature, which brings me
closer to God.
Really, what could be better?
(Actually, a snowstorm could make it extra amazing!).

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