Thursday, November 16, 2017

Evening of Excellence

In the Mormon church, we celebrate girls and women for who they are, 
and what they are accomplishing in their lives.
The young women (ages 12-18) are recognized for the
 good things they are doing in a event called "Young Women in Excellence".
The girls display to those in attendance like;
family members, friends, other church members, and leaders
what she is working on or completed that year.
Often times girls will preform a skill or talent to the group.
Claire brought some of her amazing art work and paintings to display
and then spoke about how she has been preparing for her future by taking school
seriously, serving others (like me!!),
and how she's learning that making wise choices
will bless her life as a woman, mother, and wife one day.

Jane brought a recipe book that she's been working on.
She has been collecting and gathering all different
yummy recipes for her future family.
She also displayed gardening tools, her scriptures,
 and a journal (one out of the 30 she has)
to show her dedication to writing her life history.
Women are disciples of Jesus Christ, and every woman in the
 Church is given the responsibility
 to know and defend the divine roles of women. 
These include that of wife, mother, sister, aunt, and friend. 
They stand strong and immovable in faith, family, and in relief. 
Women participate in councils that oversee
congregational activities throughout the world. 
They also have, by divine nature, the greater and responsibility
 for home and children and nurturing there in in other settings.