Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jane is T W E L V E today!!

Today my sweet Jane is turning twelve,
twelve is kind of a big deal around here.
Twelve means Jane is no longer in the young youth
 program in the Mormon church 
and has graduated to be with the young women.  
Twelve means Jane can attend certain parts of our Mormon temples, 
and twelve means that Jane is on her way to middle school.  Wow.

I love Jane with all my heart.
She is so sweet and has such a sensitive heart.
Jane brings the good out of people.  
Jane has a contagious laugh and can crack me up.
Jane is witty and gets my jokes (sometimes no one can).

As with Claire, I asked all of my sisters, sister in-laws, 
mother, and mother in-law
to write Jane a letter for her 12th year.
Memories, advice, stories, or encouragement as she embarks her 
way to young womanhood.
I am excited to present them to her with a new journal to start 
this new wonderful year as a twelve year old.
It's good to be a girl, and Jane is proof of that!
Happy Birthday Jane Bronwyn!!!!