Friday, September 22, 2017

Together we can feel unified and directed.

I am really looking forward to this weekend as my girls and
 I join with millions of other women in the world
to watch the General Women's Session on Saturday evening.
Join us!
I am looking forward to feeling uplifted, inspired, 
and renewed spiritually and mentally.
I am looking forward to hearing my prayerful questions answered 
through the women and men leaders who's inspired 
words and counsel come directly from God.
I am looking forward to being with my girls; Claire and Jane.
 (Charlotte will join us when she's 8).
I am looking forward to taking notes as I feel 
inspired and touched for reflection later.
I am looking forward to feeling God's love for me as
 I join hands with my sisters to sustain God's prophets and leaders.  
Together we will feel unified and directed.
(Women's session with Lucy, Betsy, and Mom, 2016)
I of course will miss my mom and my sisters and will
think about them all night.
 I'll wonder where they will watch the broadcast and who will go.  
I'll think about where they will go for dinner after, and 
I'll think about the laughs I will miss.
 But, I know that I can make these memories and traditions with my own girls...
plus I just heard about the app "Marco Polo".  
( hellloooo, where have I been?).

Happy weekend to you!