Monday, September 25, 2017

One for the books

On Friday morning our "neighbor" (she lives about 5 miles away from us), 
let us babysit her chicken eggs while she left town for the weekend.
The girls walked through the door from early morning seminary
 carrying a dozen eggs, a heating pad, incubator, and cage in their arms.
Jane has been sitting all weekend in front of the incubator waiting and watching.
The ranch has an old chicken coop and I think it's time we  
 fix it up and raise our own chickens.
Saturday morning as usual we cleaned the ranch house, and then
 Mr. Nielson took all of us (Angus too) on the wheelers to a beautiful area
on our property north of the ranch house.

As we hiked up the riverbed the kids examined beautiful colored rocks, 
petrified wood, bugs, bones, and tracks.
And we stumbled upon several large holes in the ground,
we aren't sure who or what they belong to.
We saw a couple tarantulas, lizards, and a toad
(that resembled Gerald! Remember him?!).
As we walked further up the canyon the sky darkened and it began to rain.  
We all huddled under a juniper tree with Angus to wait it out.

I am learning about the weather patterns here in New Mexico, 
and I realize that storms don't last more than 2 minutes (boooo).
I am dying for a big storm that will last all day and night.  
I am aching for rain (and SNOW).  Just as a storm rolls in, 
it's on it's way out before it gets good, which kinda makes me homesick. 
As we continued on our hike through the riverbed,
 Angus started to whimper and walk really close
 to Oliver who was leading the hike.
I noticed that Angus wouldn't let Ollie move forward and he was
walking really close to his feet, even stopping in the middle of the trail
so Ollie couldn't move forward. Then Angus started barking.
I realize now that his Giant Schnauzer instincts were protecting us.
  Just up ahead was a very large, very mean rattlesnake curled up in the middle of the trail. 
Oliver almost stepped right on top of him, (just kidding Mom).
The rattlesnake had just eaten because in the center of his body was a huge lump.
It made me a little uneasy even to look at him.  I think snakes are evil.
I love Angus. That dog makes me more happy than I ever could have imagined.  

We rushed back home to clean up and then drove to the Q
where we made the usual shopping stops.  
The girls and I were planning to be back to join our church sisters
for the General Women's Session,
but due to some unplanned events, we didn't make it.

Luckily we live in this amazing day and age and were able to
watch the broadcast on my phone while at dinner.
It was one of the best conferences I have ever heard. 
 So inspiring and faith-promoting.
Christian and I had an answer to a heartfelt and constant
prayer this weekend, 
and I am grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who hears us,
loves us, and provides for us.

It was a weekend I will never forget.