Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Once I had eyebrows

I have this genius cousin, Katie. She and I were best friends growing up.  
She was the busy type- she always had something she was making, 
or planning or inventing.  
She invented Girlie Glue. Have you heard of it?
I've blogged about it before because it's really great stuff.  
And with Halloween coming, its time to give it another plug,
 And you should know about it. 
It's this fantastic goo that you can use on skin or hair or pets 
for costumes, earrings, or whatever.
For example, Lottie didn't have much hair as a baby.  
Girlie Glue was the perfect solution, and I put dainty bows on top of her 
 head, and they stuck!
 (Before that, I was using KY jelly, but who wants to carry 
that around in your baby bag?).
Or once, I tried using Girlie Glue to see what I looked like with
eyebrows again. That was fun. (And SUPER FUNNY).
Girlie Glue is nontoxic and lasts all day.  
The longer you own a tube of this stuff, the more your 
brain finds amazing uses for it.  
You're welcome.

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