Monday, August 14, 2017

Transition to this new life.

Today the Little Nies start school.
This is all new---everything about it, and it's exciting
 and scary all at the same time- for all of us.
One obvious difference in our situation is the amount
 of driving that is involved.
School is about 45 minutes away and the girls are attending early morning seminary at 6:30, 
which means we will need to wake up early early to make this work.  
With the Lord, we can do anything, 
and we trust in Him to help us transition to this new life.
Last night Mr. Nielson gave Priesthood blessings to all of us as we embark 
on a new school year in a new setting.
The Priesthood is God's power on earth, and through it we can receive
blessings of courage, faith, and hope especially in times of trial, sickness,
comfort and in our families situation: change.
It is a family tradition in our home, (and most Mormon homes)
for a Priesthood holder (typically the father), to bless his children 
starting a new school year.
I have gathered strength from these blessings I didn't even know I could
muster. And I need all the help I can get these days.
Next week we will be doing our Back to School Feast. 
With the move, I am a little behind on everything.  
But slowly and surely we will rebuild and find our groove.