Friday, August 04, 2017

No cavities

Today all of us visited the Dentist.
I scheduled my families appointments all together which means
 we crowded the office, but the good news is: NO CAVITIES- for any of us.   
Some other minor work needs to be done on Clane, 
but other than that, (can you believe it) no cavities?!
Since we adore our dentists we will all be
back from New Mexico in February for our 6 month check-up. 
Plus, Dr. Matthews let me give him his 6 month check-up, 
which makes me feel really fancy.  
(Next time maybe he'll let me try on his magnifying glasses).

Lucy, Andrew and my Mom brought us dinner tonight.
Amy took Lottie and Nicholas practically all day....again.
And my good friend Steph sent us delicious pretzels for dinner.
 I've been getting texts from so many people offering help and love.
How grateful I am for family and friends who are so supportive and helpful.
This Saturday I am having a yard sale.
Details HERE
(Selling loads of clothes and other stuff).

Also: I found an few amazing photos of Lottie
that she took on my phone this morning.  
Makes me so happy.

Spiritual Enlightenment: Overcoming the World

 Happy Weekend!