Thursday, August 03, 2017

It just got real

Today a semi-truck delivered our moving container and parked it
 (after about 40 attempts) up our driveway and near our garage.

Before our big move, I made several appointments 
(Dr.'s, Dentist, Optometrist, Pediatrician) for all of us.
Today was shots and the optometrist.
Jane got a little light-headed after her shots, so I made her sit down with
her head between her legs while I ran to grab the car.
I asked Nicholas to rub her back to help comfort her.
When I returned, her face was white as a ghost, and Nicholas
and Lottie were in another Dr.s Office staring at the fish tank.

Later that evening, my brothers and sister-in-law (Andrew, Jesse, and Lindsay)
came up to help us load the container.  Minutes before they showed up,
Christian found a snake slithering up our driveway.
He picked him up and let him loose in our empty container.  His plan was to 
ask Jesse to open the container, see the snake and then watch him jump.
Except the snake slithered into a tiny hole on the side of the container.
Later that evening, after they had left, I was upstairs bathing 
Lottie heard a scream from the garage.
Mr. Nielson went to close the container for the night,
and the snake jumped out of the hole and into the bushes. 
That's what he gets.

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