Friday, June 09, 2017

June 24th, 2014

**RE-POSTING while I am at Girls Camp

 Jane prepared lunch today in place of Oliver.  
Oliver's friend came to play, and I also think he 
bribed Jane to switch him with some left over Easter candy.  
She obliged, and since we make our shopping lists and
shop for everything on Monday,
 it was easy for her to whip up her planned healthy morning muffins. 
She had cut up grapes and bananas a few nights before and froze them
and served them along with her delicious muffins.
After lunch, I put Lottie on my bed while I went to find her minkie (blanket) 
which was outside near the swimming pool.
I came back in and she was zonked out.  
I climbed in my bed next to her and we both napped. 
 I slept for a solid 1 hour, while Lottie snoozed for another 2 more.
In a few weeks, Blue Lily will be stopping by Fox Hill to
 photograph our family.
Its always a pleasure with Wendy and Tyler.  They are so good at what they do. 
The Little Nies would love to adopt them in our family if they could.
I have so many wonderful photos they took,
 that we dedicated a room just to our "family art".
I love it.

Spiritual Enlightenment: You are NOT just average.

See you Monday!