Monday, June 12, 2017

Girls Camp 2017

Last week I spent five beautiful days in the glorious mountains 
of Utah for girls' camp.
I am a leader with the young girls in church, which meant I was right there
with them sleeping in sleeping bags, eating the same food, using the same toilets,
singing songs, and playing games.
 Don't get me wrong, I had a good time, but I felt like I turned into the
 wicked witch on the last day.
It was a lot of work; I was tired and missed my family.
This year the other leaders and I dressed up in old 
cheerleader uniforms for THE WHOLE WEEK. 
We wanted our girls to know that we were their cheerleaders.
Cheesy  Absolutely, but really sweet  And cheesy is what camp is famous for.
Between another high school cheerleader, the YW leader, and myself,
 we had enough uniforms to pass around to all nine leaders.
I laughed really hard all week.
And, of course, on the last day, we busted a cheer out for the girls, and
we were OK with making HUGE epic fools out of ourselves because
we wanted these girls to know, without a doubt, that we were there for them.
We support and care for them and want to see them succeed and grow.
We want peace and confidence for them, and 
we want them to make good choices that will
allow them to develop and be happy. 
And most of all, we want them to come closer to the Savior 
who is our ultimate cheerleader.
So while the cheer uniforms were uncomfortable (especially on the 6-mile hike),
it was worth it. A million times worth it.
Of course, being with my girls (Clane) made the whole experience
that much sweeter  We had some good laughs.
We also felt sad when we learned that Lucy had had her baby.
We missed it!
We were dying to get home to mug on that beautiful baby girl!
From what I hear, everything went fine here at Fox Hill.
The pool is now open; floaties, goggles, and wet towels were
spread around my whole house when I entered the door.
Welcome home to me, and welcome, Summer!
A huge thank you to Mr. Nielson, who completely took over all 
responsibilities at home...he is the best. 
And coming home to him was better! 

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