Friday, May 26, 2017

Gold bubbles.

When Mr. Nielson and I built Fox Hill we didn't install
lighting over our dinning room table.
I wanted something extra special and I hadn't found that yet.
Then I heard about The Light Factory and my mind was blown because
 I had never seen beautiful chandeliers like these before.
I fell in love.  They looked like gold bubbles floating in the air.
I immediately contacted Ashlie who is the genius behind the company, 
and she helped me design two amazing light fixtures to go over my dining room table.
I was so pleased when two huge boxes arrived on my doorstep
 and inside were two large gold glass bubble chandeliers. 
Mr. Nielson carefully unwrapped and installed the lights
while I took photos and giggled with delight.
 And just like that, my dinning room had transformed
 into a sophisticated whimsical room. 
I love the way they look, I love the way they are made, 
and I love they way they make the room feel.
They double for light and art!

“My goal is for the pieces we build to use modern materials like
 glass, steel, leather, brass, and nylon to hint at the beautifully 
organic or random shapes we see when we step outside".
-Ashlie Beal, owner of The Light Factory
(The chandeliers over my Thanksgiving table)
Now, my heart breaks whenever I think about moving and leaving 
these gorgeous chandeliers.
My plan is to box these babies back up and take them with us to our new home, 
or I will order new ones for my new space.
Either way, I know for sure I can never live without these gold bubbles!
Check out The Light Factory Facebook: HERE
The Light Factory on Etsy: HERE

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