Tuesday, May 16, 2017


The boys spent most the day in their Army gear
 making a sweet camouflaged fort.
I couldn't have picked a better activity for them to do because:
1. They played outside
2. They played together--(nicely too).
It made me think about when I was about their age, 
and I spent most of my childhood in a playhouse we had out back. 
 This brown playhouse could be a floral-shop one day, and then my 
imagination could transform into a little school
(where I was the principle and teacher--or I pretended to be Anne of Green Gables).
 It could be my apartment in the city, or
I could be a pioneer and the playhouse sat on a farm.
I would pretend to milk cows and feed chickens.
One Summer my cousin Katie and I painted the outside and the inside with 
paint my sister Page gave us from her newly constructed home.
(bright blue, deep red, and a nice soft yellow!).
I sewed curtains for the tiny window, and used Glade air freshener to
kill the ants that invaded the corners.
The playhouse is gone now, but I will always have vivid memories of it.
(1988... see the playhouse in the back?)

I hope my boys (and girls) are having a vivid childhood like I had.
I hope I am giving that to them like my Mom did for me,
(minus the long extension cord I rigged up from the pantry,
through the window, out the door, past the carport and into the playhouse
so I could have a lamp).