Monday, May 15, 2017

All I wanted for Mothers Day:

 The Little Nies and Mr. Nielson spoiled me on my special Mother's Day.
We attend church at 9:00, which means I opted out of breakfast in bed so 
I could sleep in as long as possible.
All I really wanted for Mother's Day was uninterrupted sleep, and I got it,
thanks to Mr. Nielson, who sat outside our bedroom door for almost two hours.
Jane and Claire found old photos of me when I was little and in high school, 
copied them, and put them all over the house and on the dinner table.
Nice touch, girls!
The boys made me Jello, and Jane and Claire 
made my favorite dessert: homemade Oreos.

The kids made me cards and sang to me, they wrote me poems and drew me pictures.
My favorite comment of the day was by Lottie, who said:
"You are my Mom because you have black hair, green eyes, 
and big fat lips because you were in a plane crash."
Exactly Punkin, exactly.
I am honored to be a Mother raising children; I love raising MY children.  
They are each so special; I hope they know individually how much I
will always love them forever and ever, amen.

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