Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Not to be rude or anything, but....

Today was chilly and rainy and beautiful.  
The earth is greening and color is staring to creep up the 
mountains, which make my morning hikes absolutely breathtaking. 
This low-temperature day seemed like a perfect one to make the Little Nies
 mac & cheese for dinner (Mr. Nielson is at the ranch).
I began the cheese sauce on the oven and was boiling the noodles 
when Oliver walked in the kitchen, sniffed really hard then looked at me in disgust.
"Mom!  Not to be rude or anything, but it totally smells like Utah Lake in here."
First of all, whenever anyone starts off any conversation with:
"not to be rude or anything, BUT...."
You know it's going to be bad.
Second of all, Utah Lake is a large shallow lake in Provo, and
 is almost always stinky with tons of over-sized fish, like carp.  
Growing up, Utah Lake always got a bad wrap.  
It was polluted and dirty and no one ever went in it.
The lake has since been cleaned up, and it's beautiful
 (but still really stinky at times).
 When we had our sailboat, The AuroraMark, you could most often 
find our family sailing on it's choppy waves.
Anyway, back to my dinner: it turned out to be very delicious 
and it resembled nothing like Utah Lake.

Even Ollie ate two helpings worth.