Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sailing, and a party.

Mr. Nielson loves:
rope, boats, airplanes, cars, horses,
and the budget among other very important wonderful things.
Mr. Nielson loves to sail.
Mr. Nielson read about how to sail.
Mr. Nielson bought a sailboat.
Mr. Nielson goes sailing everywhere.
Mr. Nielson loves the way it makes him feel.
Mr. Nielson decided that sailing/maneuvering boats is very similar to flying an airplane...which he knows all about. (No wonder he is so good).
Mr. Nielson decided to name our sailboat the AURORAMARK.
Aurora is my middle name. Mark is Mr. Nielson's middle name.
And that, my friends, is where she got her name. It sounds fitting.

We are planning on having a {au revoir celebration} to say goodbye to the boat while it rests for the winter. We also will be saying 'au revior' to Summer and welcome Autumn!!!
I am in the early planning stages. Preparing the invitations and menu.
The boat must be "christened" by its owners (us) This is a very delightful sailor tradition.
We get to smash a bottle of campaign onto the side of the boat.
It will bring good luck and happy sailing for always.
Who doesn't want that??