Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Blood Sugar

Today when Claire and Jane (Clane) got out of school, I took them to Target.
As soon as we walked into the dressing room I had a major sweat attack.  
Then my blood sugar pretty much dropped to .00 (whatever that means), 
and I began shaking.
"Jane" I yelled in exasperation. 
"Go get me something to eat, ANY dang thing will do".  
Both my girls looked at me in shock. 
I realized looking back on my day I had only had oatmeal around 
9:00 that morning, and oh yes, I remember that the 32 oz Dr. Pepper 
I had exhaled hours earlier.
I was probably having a major sugar crash.
I was so busy running around that had totally ignored my body 
when it asked for good nourishment (not DP).
And now I found myself in the Target dressing room about to die.  
I mean, I am not sure if I have ever felt this before.   
Jane ran out of the dressing room and came back minutes later with a bag of chips (CHIPS?!).
I grabbed the chips out of her hands and ate and ate.
Then in a panic I asked Jane to search the store for my favorite beet juice.
Jane obediently ran out of the room as I continued to 
eat the chips and watch Claire try on a few things.
Success with both:
the items Claire was trying on fit and Jane found my juice!
I downed the juice in probably record time and was feeling much, much better.
At check-out, out I sheepishly explained to the cashier why
I was handing her an empty bottle of juice and empty crumb filled chip bag. 

I'm never doing that again.