Thursday, April 13, 2017

Beans, beans...

Here in Utah,  Spring here has definitely sprung!

Today after homework, Mr. Nielson and I decided to take the kids
 on a bike ride around our neighborhood. 
One thing led to another, and we found ourselves
 on the bike trails headed to Cafe Rio for dinner.
 It's so good to get back on our bikes after a loooong winter.
After dinner, I called my nephew Matthew 
(we call him Bake) to pick us up, and thank heavens! 
 (I didn't think I could bike up the hills to Fox Hill).
And you know what they say: 
"Beans, beans, the magical fruit..."

* * * * * *
KSL, our local TV station, is reporting on several different faith 
promoting stories in conjunction with Easter.
I was honored to be involved and discuss gratitude with Lori Prichard.
Lori told me she had interviewed my family members and reported on 
my story and progress several times while I was still in a coma.
It was really neat to finally meet her alive and thriving this time!
(I will link to the story when it airs).

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