Monday, February 13, 2017

The Baby Doctor

I have had plenty of doctors in my life; surgeons, plastic surgeons, 
hand surgeons, burn surgeons, so on and so forth,
 but some of my favorite doctors have been my baby doctors.  
Particularly my last baby doctor,  Dr. Judd!
Dr. Judd was so wonderful to help me prepare for Charlotte.
He was kind and compassionate with my medical situation and so 
willing to help me feel comfortable with the whole process
Dr. Judd's strong hands that carefully delivered Charlotte were also 
the hands that embraced me in his office after I found out that I miscarried.
I love this man.
He is a wonderful soul with a good heart.

I bet there is a good chance that
 Dr. Judd probably has delivered half of Provo.  
I am being very serious.
Dr. Judd just retired after over 46 years!!!
If you were delivered by this wonderful man,
 or have had your babies delivered by the Judd, please go
  HERE and share your love and your stories!

We Love you Dr. JUDD!!!!!!!