Tuesday, January 31, 2017


If Lottie had her way we'd be playing dress-up all day long.
A few days ago she climbed on a stool in my closet,
  ripped my wedding dress off its hanger and
dragged it to my bedroom.  
Then she handed it to me along with a pair of heals, 
a crown, lipstick, and jewelry.  
We played dress-up for a solid three hours.
To be honest, it was actually kinda fun to slip my wedding dress back on.
Then Claire came home from school, laughed at me, took a few photos of us, 
and then asked if she could try my dress on.
Then all night long while Mr. Nielson and I were out, Claire and Jane 
pretty much made fun of me by reenacting my engagement photos.  
Then they texted them to me while we were in a 
meeting-- which made us laugh really really hard.
Then suddenly felt super old and super uncool.
Kids are great at making you feel that way.
I should really post all of the photos they took, they were pretty amazing.
* * * * * 

Speaking of Claire, for one of her Christmas presents, 
I signed her up for a calligraphy class with Courtney Casper.  
Claire and Courtney will meet in February and Claire is so excited!
Courtney is also offering a workshop on Saturday February 11th. 
With both beginner & intermediate classes available.
If you are interested in signing up (workshops fill up quickly), go HERE.
You can also find Courtney on Instagram 
@courtneycasper.letters for more information.