Tuesday, January 31, 2017


If Lottie had her way, we'd be playing dress-up all day.
A few days ago, she climbed on a stool in my closet,
  ripped my wedding dress off its hanger, and
dragged it to my bedroom.  
Then she handed it to me along with a pair of heals, 
a crown, lipstick, and jewelry.  
We played dress-up for a solid three hours.
It was actually fun to slip my wedding dress back on.
Then Claire came home from school, laughed at me, took photos of us, 
and asked if she could try my dress on.
Then all night long, while Mr. Nielson and I were out, Claire and Jane 
made fun of me by reenacting my engagement photos.  
Then they texted them to me while we were in a 
meeting-- which made us laugh really, really hard.
Then suddenly felt super old and super uncool.
Kids are great at making you feel that way.
I should post all of the photos they took; they were amazing.
* * * * * 

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