Monday, January 23, 2017

I wish.

Mr Nielson made it home after a week long trip to the ranch.
while he was there he checked on the heifers, fixed fences, 
and at night we would spend hours talking on the phone.
Every night it ended pretty much like this:
"Ok, well, I love you. hang up first".
"No you hang up."
"No you hang up."
"No you."
"No you."
"No you"....and so on.
Christian made it home from the ranch on Friday afternoon at 3:00, then at 3:30
 he and Oliver went on a Scout camp out.  Hello.  Goodbye.
When he got home from the camp-out, we dressed up and attended a 
church meeting, and then to the grocery store.
I cook on the weekdays, we eat out 
once a week, and on Sunday Christian cooks.
So Saturday evenings we find ourselves at the grocery store where
 Mr. Nielson picks out the produce to cook on Sunday.
Then for some weird reason, we began documenting these
fantastically exciting evenings while at store together.
Last Saturday night we posted a photo of us on isle 6 
which happened to be the baby isle
 (because I love and needed more baby lotion). 
We took a photo and I posted it, minutes later I got a text from a friend 
congratulating me on my pregnancy.
As much as I wish it were to be true, alas, it is not.  

Happy Monday.

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